Episode 27: Frank the ringmaster

When the idea is so right, the only choice is to leap and create a unique and successful opera company that both fulfills a passion and serves the community.

Episode 26: Ken the historian

“You can’t understand where you are unless you understand where you came from.” ~ Ken Wise, Texas historian and more

Episode 25: Izzy the ninja

Who gives up their career to follow their childhood dream of becoming a ninja? Izzy does.

Episode 24: Nathan the minimalist

The fast-paced fashion industry, New York and L.A. couldn’t compete with the peace he found in after one trip to Boise.

Episode 23: Karina the modern day alchemist

When life forced Karina to slow down, she discovered that’s exactly where the depth of life is determined.

Episode 22: Emeric the mirror

Life is about the discovery of a dream, of a life to explore, of a masterpiece to create.

Episode 21: Stephen the seed planter

Leaning on his own life experience, Stephen finds his gift for planting seeds in others to discover their true potential.

Episode 20: Billy the wanderer

Billy went all Cortez and burned the ships when his inner voice urged him to jump off the plane heading back to his life in Chicago after a vacation in South America. {no ships or people were hurt during the making of this new life}

Episode 19: David the author

David’s story is a beautiful stream of serendipity fueling his passion for writing, acting and British soccer.

Episode 18: Todd the world changer

Todd’s simple credo for running three successful food carts in Portland: one window, one drink and one connection at at time.

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